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Use a Real Estate Agent

In this day and age, there is a lot of information accessible through various internet platforms. However, nothing can replace the knowledge of a seasoned real estate agent to help you navigate the process. So what should you look for in an age...

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How Much Is My Home Worth in Vero Beach, Florida

How much is your home worth in Vero Beach, Florida? If you plan on selling your home, you must know the value to set the list price. As your local Vero Beach real estate expert, I can provide you with a free and instant home valuation. Plea...

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Find Your Dream Home in Vero Beach, Florida

There are so many different kinds of homes out there for families to choose from. Do you want to live in Vero Beach? Or are you looking for a second home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? Do you need a large back yard? RV access?...

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Adjustable Rate Mortgages – The PROS & CONS

Now that you know what an ARM is and how it works, you may be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are. So let's explore that issue. Offering adjustable rates allows lenders to transfer part of the interest rate risk from themselv...

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Closing and Title Costs

It's the big day. The day you go to the title or escrow company, sign your name on the dotted line, hand over a check and prepare to take ownership of your new home. It's also the day that you and the seller will pay "closing" or settleme...

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Closing Costs When Buying or Refinancing a Home

This is a detailed summary of costs you may have to pay when you buy or refinance your home. They are listed in the order that they should appear on a Good Faith Estimate you obtain from a mortgage lender. There are two broad categories of clos...

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